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Feature Highlights

Robust, Reliable & Highly Accurate

Our Feeding Stations are smart machines that automatically control pet animals' individual access to preloaded diets inside the stations in a group-housed, non-caged, cafeteria-style setting. The single-entry mechanism allows only one animal to feed in a station at one time. The stations are robust and reliable, requiring very little staff intervention throughout the entire feeding session. Their electronic scales are designed to be very accurate (at the precision of a single gram).

Data Collection

Each station can record simultaneous intakes from two separate feeding bowls, and thus supports palatability testing between two diets. It also uses sensors to detect which diet the animal approaches first and which diet it ends up eating first. The animal's feeding activities are recorded in detailed logs, providing valuable data for analyzing individual animals' feeding behavior such as how long they eat from each bowl and how often they switch sides. Each station is also equipped with a camera that can provide live video feeds of the feeding sessions.

Networked & Programmable

The stations are fully networked and supported by full-featured management software (called Feeding Station Manager or FSM) for managing animal information, trial schedules, feed loading, feeding data export and reporting (including statistical analysis), and station diagnosis. FSM allows the administrator to program the stations to follow various feeding schedules or modes, and thus can support palatability trials, digestibility trials, maintenance trials, treat trials, and other custom types of trials.


Typical Applications


Our Feeding Stations are used by petfood manufacturers in food testing trials, such as palatability trials, digestibility trials, maintenance trials, treat trials and etc. They allow trial animals to be free from caged kennels. Their automatic and reliable data collection mechanism free staff from the tedious task of daily weighing of individual feed bowls.


More generally, our stations can be used in any veterinarian setting with a large number of housed pet animals. They can be used for the purpose of implementing special diet restrictions or weight control. The data collected can also be part of larger animal health monitoring system.


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